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Longwood Vacuum now offers Sewing Machine repairs and cleaning by John Keel. John is well known in Central Florida from having his own sewing machine company for years. Now John is repairing sewing machines in our Longwood and Eustis, Florida locations.

Call Longwood vacuum today to schedule a repair on your sewing machine. Longwood - 407-682-6605 or Eustis - 352-357-5072

If you like to sew and need a reliable place to get your sewing machine repaired, count on Longwood Vacuum as the place to go for sewing machine repairs in Central Florida. We’ll diagnose, explain the issue, and repair it fast.

Places to fix sewing machines in Central Florida - Longwood Vacuum and Longwood Vacuum Eustis Location.

Items to bring in with machine for service:
Foot control/ power cord, bobbin case, bobbin 
regular zig/zag foot, embroidery machines bring a hoop, embroidery foot, and design for sew off if none built in.

Items to leave at home:
Instruction books, accessories and extra feet, soft covers

Something not working the way it should or in need of a tune up on your home sewing machine, embroidery machine or serger?  Longwood Vacuum has a sewing machine repair department. We services and repairs most makes and models of home sewing machines, embroidery machines and sergers.  John Keel is our in house repair man who has a combined 30 years of experience.


We believe in “Honest work done at a fair price”. If you are located in the Greater Orlando area our sewing machine repair department is second to none.


Remember! Your sewing machine should be serviced every 12 months, and here’s why:

1. If you do a lot of sewing

Lint, thread and broken needles can collect in the needle bar, hook and feed mechanisms, causing problems ranging from noise to more serious problems that can stop the machine from functioning. Heavy use can also remove oil on moving parts that the machine needs to operate smoothly.  Lint and thread build up can cause serious tension problems.

2. If you sew occasionally:

Lint, thread and broken needles can still collect in the needle bar area and in the gears of the thread-handling mechanism. Even moderate use necessitates oiling of moving parts of the sewing machine.  A small piece of thread in the tension unit will necessitate cleaning and recalibration of the tension.

3. If your sewing machine has been in the closet for a few years and you want to sew again:

The machine should be tuned up so that you will have peak performance of the machine and trouble free sewing. Even sitting in the closet, the oil in the machine can and will dry out which will lock up parts and potentially lead to further damage of the machine. 

Sewing Machine Repairs by John Keel at Longwood, Wekiva Springs
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Sewing machines repaired and serviced in Central Florida, Sanlando Springs, Wekiva Springs
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