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8 Handy Vacuum Cleaner Tricks to Keep Up Your Sleeve

Get ready to earn the title "vacuum queen." (What? Sounds cool to us.)

Cardboard Tube as a crevice tool vacuum

1. Add a cardboard tube to the end of your hose can get into the tightest spots.

2. Throw a dryer sheet into your bag. As the sweeper runs it will leave a light scent in the air

3. Add some cinnamon to the bag to cover up pet odors

4. Put baking soda on a stain, let sit 30 minutes and then vacuum. The odor will be absorbed as well as any liquid.

5. Raise up carpet dents by placing ice cubes on the dent. It will raise the fibers then you can vacuum the area. Remember to let the area dry thoroughly before placing the furniture back.

Put pantyhose over extension tube to capture small lost objects.

6. Lost something tiny? Put a pair of pantyhose over the extension tube and sweep the area. The pantyhose will suck in the object and capture it for you.

7. Got a snag or threads wrapped around your beater bar? Take an agile seam ripper to the stubborn knot of hair or threads.

8. The brush attachment makes dusting way easier."Use the dusting brush on blinds, lampshades, books, picture, and mirror frames — anywhere that's a pain to dust," says Carolyn Forte, director of the Cleaning Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

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