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Why to buy a vacuum from vacuum store

The vacuum cleaner is an important tool used to protect your biggest investment-your home and furnishings! You can’t stop dirt from coming into your home, but you can get rid of it with the right vacuum.

Research shows that if you want to get the best for your money, purchase from the local vacuum cleaner store.

Generally, people who purchase their vacuum from the local "Vac Shop" are happier and keep the vacuum longer than those who purchase elsewhere.

Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Why buy the right “vacuum cleaner?”

There’s something calming and relaxing about a clean environment. The right vacuum will keep your home that way.

There are manufacturers who spend their money on marketing and advertising usually these are the vacuums you buy off the shelves in a big-box store or online. Of course, these will work(they turn on and have suction), but not for a very long time, usually they are difficult to use and leave most people stuck with something they don't want to use to take care of their biggest investment, their home and furnishings. Hence people wind up owning several vacuums that they eventually throw away.

Other manufacturers spend their time on research, and developing quality components to produce a vacuum that will not only work, but work easier and, if you take care of it, for a very long time.

We’ve produced this simple, six-step guide to help you choose the right vacuum and get your money’s worth.

6 Things To Consider Before Buying Your Next Vacuum Cleaner


Some things are obvious, for example, manufacturers have different motors and types of attachments. The tools vary from revolving brush rollers or power nozzles, sometimes referred to as beater bars.

Other things are not so obvious. Good vacuums create more airflow just by the design of their attachments. Others lose power as soon as you start using them because filters clog, and belts stretch.

Not all homes are created equal.

The type of flooring you have will help determine the vacuum you need. Do you have very thick carpet? Will you be using it on hard surfaces also? Don’t forget to share this with you vacuum cleaner professional or even bring in a piece of your carpet or area rug.

Will you be cleaning stairs and walls with your vacuum?

Are you concerned about pet hair on the furniture as well as the carpet and floors? Will you need more than one vacuum to tackle the different jobs?

Did you know that most homes have three vacuum cleaners? If you buy the right one, you won’t need three!


We consider some vacuums “throw away” vacuums. Many people have 2 or three vacuums.

If you buy the right one, you will probably never need another one. Vacuums should be “serviced," belts checked, making sure suction is adequate, every couple of years.

There are still vacuums made that are designed to last 10, 15, 20 or even 25 years!

As you’re shopping to ask about the warranty and what they cover and the life expectancy of the vacuum you’re considering.

You should consider buying a vacuum cleaner that's designed to last.

Ask your professional about their service department and their recommendations.


Like it or not, you will be vacuuming and cleaning for a long time.

You can have the most powerful vacuum made, and it might clean better than any other, but if you can't use it or dread taking it out of the closet, what good is it?

This is why a trip to the vacuum store is essential. Here you can try out several, learn how to use the attachments and carry it around. The one you purchase should be easy to use for every task you need to accomplish.


Years ago, we were not concerned with the vacuum cleaner’s ability to filter. Most of us are concerned with Indoor Air Quality as we know that keeping the air inside the home clean is important. All vacuums work the same way.

All vacuum cleaners pump in air and dirt. Each has an exhaust which is designed to discharge all the air without letting the dirt out with the air. All vacuums have filters to see that dirt is not pumped back into the air.

The two choices available to you are “bag or bagless.” Both will work and depend on your preference.

With a bag, you don’t touch or see the dirt. When they are full, dispose of them and replace it. Simple. Buying bags can add to the cost, but are usually less money than replacing filters in a bagless. it also means you’re not likely to dump the dirt back on your newly vacuumed floor. (This often happens with a bagless machine.) In addition, you might not want to handle the dirt. Vacuum cleaner bags will usually last two to three months.

Emptying the dirt cup is usually messy. You’ve just worked hard to clean your home and get rid of the dirt, and now you have to stand over the garbage can empty the dirt cup and getting dirt and dust back into the air. Filters for the bagless are usually more costly than bags and have to be replaced more often.

Talk with your local vacuum cleaner professional at the vacuum store and decide, which is right for you.


The key is to buy it right and buy it once.

Our research of 60+ years in the vacuum and flooring industry and surveys from shoppers, support that people who purchase their vacuum from the local vacuum store are generally happier with their purchase and keep the vacuum longer than those who purchase elsewhere.

It will also be more convenient to purchase from a store that carries the bags, belts and filters as well as additional cleaning accessories to help with your cleaning efforts.

Why purchase from a store that is not considered experts in this important purchase? If there is a problem with your vacuum, it’s a lot easier and more convenient if it can be fixed locally rather than returned to the manufacturer.

If you want to purchase the right one, it’s best to try it out and share your concerns with the professional who understands vacuums.


No matter what you’re purchasing, you will want to know if you’re getting a fair price. As with any purchase, you will have to do your "homework."

These days many people start their shopping online and then go to their local store to discuss the prices with the professional.

When comparing prices online it’s wise to check out their return policies and ability to service you vacuum. Chances are your local store will be very close in price or will be able to explain the differences or possibly match it.

Would you rather have to buy three or four machines over your lifetime or would you prefer to purchase just one?

Your investment on the one will certainly be more, but if you amortize it over its lifetime, it’s likely to be less than the additional ones you will have to purchase.

What is the value of convenience? Considerable value also comes from having someone locally to talk with about your cleaning needs, and a place where repairs can be handled quickly. There is nothing worse than realizing that you have to vacuum three or four times to get your floor cleaned because the vacuum just doesn’t work.

Years ago, a high-quality vacuum could be purchased from a door-to-door representative. It was almost like having a local specialty store come to your home. Times have changed, now the high-quality vacuum is sold in the specialty (local vacuum repair shop) store.

With so many choices, shopping for a vacuum can be overwhelming. Take advantage of the professionals at the local vacuum store where you will always have someone who knows the business and best interest is a happy customer.

Need more help on finding a local store?

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