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What Type of Vacuum do you need for the job?

Different Kinds of Vacuum Cleaner and their uses:

Dust mites, dead skin and other particles found in the air can make us very sick. Basic cleaning, sweeping and mopping, don’t take these away. Vacuum cleaners have been in use since the 19th century and for a good reason.

Upright Traditional Vacuums

Vacuum take care of 90 percent of all dust mites as well as dead skin that we shed all day long. Let's go through all the different kinds of vacuums and their usages, these include:

Upright vacuum:

The most common of all is the Upright vacuum. They can easily be found in any local store. They are best suited for carpets, but they work well on other floors like wood, marble, tiles, etc. These are fitted with powerful motors that give supreme suction. You can easily find both bagless and bagged variety with the upright vacuum. The best part is these can be adjusted easily to the height of any carpet, so you don't have to switch it off if you are switching rooms. You can also choose between cordless and plug-in types as well, but the plug-in type is more powerful than the cordless one. Unfortunately, these come with a couple of drawbacks. They don't have many attachments so you can really get into the corners, and they are heavy. If you can ignore these two flaws than an upright vacuum may be perfect for you.

Handheld vacuum:

Hand Held Vacuums

The perfect combination of compactness and powerful suction. These are portable so you can easily move them from mess to mess. the most convenient is the fact that they are cordless so moving them from one room to other is pretty easy. They are pretty powerful, but you can still opt for a corded one that will have more power but will limit you to a certain area. These are great for quick usages, like furniture clean up or upholstery clean up. These are great as car vacuums as well, but you will need a car adapter. These can be an excellent replacement for your dustpan and broom, especially if you have to deal with cleaning large rooms and spaces daily.

Canister Vacuum:

These are great when you have to clean all corners and even the smallest nooks of your house. The cleaner has a storage tank that is connected to the sucker through an expanded hose. The Canister vacuum comes with a lot of attachments that enables you to reach even the narrowest spot of your house, best for under the furniture spaces as well as tight areas, all you have to do is use the right attachment.

They are best to be used on heavy drapes, walls, and ceilings to remove all sorts of dust and webs as well as hardwood and tile floors.

The drawback of this particular vacuum is that the canister of the vacuum is very heavy, and you might need an extra hand to move it from one room to other.

Stick Vacuums

Stick Vacuums:

Stick vacuums are perfect for people who can’t handle heavy canister vacuum or an upright one. These are perfect for daily cleaning of light dust and dead skin, they are also great for heavily clutter rooms. The rotating brush of the vacuum is perfect for gather light dust from around the corners of a very crowded room, full of furniture.

The drawback the stick vacuum is that is good for light dust and messes, but it's useless if you want to clean large messes or carpets, also you can vacuum your whole house in one time. You will need to charge it between cleaning every room.

Backpack vacuum:

If you are looking for a very powerful yet easy to manoeuvre vacuum, then a backpack vacuum is what you need. These are perfect for big homes as well as places that need extreme cleaning. The best part of this vacuum is that you carry it on your back, so you don't have to pull or push anything with you. They are best to clean hardwood floor, tiles, etc. but aren’t very good when it comes to cleaning carpets.

The drawback of this type of vacuum that you might get back pain, you can easily get tired with all that carrying, as well as it’s a big no for people who are prone to back pain or have a back injury of any kind. Another flaw of the vacuum is the bulky size of it, you can easily knock things like lamps, or decoration pieces while you are cleaning a narrow space.

Robot vacuums:

The most famous of all types is the robot vacuum, everyone wants one. With the most innovative design, these are very popular. These are designed to map out the room and the placement of the furniture, and then sweep the place automatically without bumping into anything. The best part of these robotic vacuums is that they don't need any handling, they are programmed to work on their own. So, you can your house cleaned even if you aren’t there.

The drawback of this vacuum is that you need to clean the floor first so that the vacuum has ample space to go around and pick up dust; also, they aren’t meant for big messes. They only have limited power to handle light messes. These are good for in-between cleanings only.

Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners:

Wet/Dry Vacuums

These are commercial cleaners, they don't have much use in an average house. They are great for big spills and large dirty places. They can easily move with the help if the wheels and a long cord, and are best for commercial uses with their powerful suction. Best to clean out places that see a lot of dirt and dust like garages or woodwork studios to clean the massive amount of sawdust, as well as cleaning out a flooded basement or apartment. The drawback of these cleaners is the size and storage problems. They need a big space to store as they are very bulky in size.

Carpet Sweeper vacuum:

They used to be famous in the past, but not anymore. They can still be used if you have a light carpet in your house that needs daily cleaning. The vacuum has collection area on top, that needs to be emptied daily to make sure the vacuum picks up all the dust and debris. They are battery operated, so no average humming like an electric vacuum. The drawback of the vacuum is that its good for small and light carpets only and nothing else.

Surface Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner:

With a house full of pets or family members who have severe allergies, a Surface Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner is a must. With powerful hot and dry cleaning, it can give your carpet as well as upholstery the shine it came in with when you purchased it.

Hard Floors vacuums:

Central Vacuums or Hardwood Floor Vacuums

Most of the average vacuums can easily scratch your floor. If you have wood flooring to similar, you will need a vacuum that comes with the bare-floor brush attachment, so you don’t scratch the surface of your wooden floor.

Bagged vacuum cleaners:

The bagged vacuums are the best kind, they successfully pick up all the dirt, dust and allergen from your house, the bags are easy to remove and clean. When the bag is full, all you have to do is pull it out and throw it away. The bag of the filter so, whatever you pick up be it dirt, dust or allergens, they can’t escape the bag. Also, these are less maintenance then the bagless ones.

The drawback, they are not eco-friendly, you will have to buy bags and replace them very often as they tend to fill very quickly. And there is no way to tell if the bag is full or not.

Bagless vacuum cleaners:

The bagless vacuums are very popular nowadays, they are very trendy and are also cheaper than the other kind. With bagged cleaners, you have a lot of hassle of cleaning the bag and buying and replacing bags. The collection compartment of the bagless vacuums is transparent so you will know when it needs cleaning. Since you don't have to throw bags and all, these can easily be termed as Eco-friendly vacuums. But like all innovations they also come with a drawback, they are good for cleaning up messes but doesn’t do much do when it comes to picking up allergens from your place. You will need to clean it regularly, or the vacuum will start to stink.

Car Adapter Vacuum:

Most people commute a lot and need a clean car. The best kind of car adapter vacuum is the one that you can easily plug in while you are on a drive, by plugging in a car adapter. With a car adapter you can get a clean car always, and with a car adapter compatible vacuum you don't have to worry about any outlets.


Vacuuming is so much better than handling a broom, and a dustpan, with all these new innovations and technologies that are being included in these vacuums, are great to clean any kind of space. all you need is to know what kind of a vacuum you need, and you are good to go. You can also hire vacuum cleaner services if you don't want to buy a vacuum of your own.


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